How To Make A Stop Motion Film

By Brian Sousa
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Jun 12th, 2011

So you want to make a stop motion film but not sure how to start.  I didnt know how to start either until I pulled out my iPhone and downloaded two apps.  Before I knew it, I was up all night making my own stop motion films.

The first app you will need is Stop Motion Recorder which is only $.99 from the App Store.  This is the app you will use to shoot your film. The app has many different features that you can use.  You first set the size and quality of the film, then some options that are user specific and meant to help capture your film the easiest way possible.  You now have the option to choose which style you want to use but I keep it at original for reasons I will explain later.  After you set all these options, you have one more to choose.  You have to option to shoot in automatic or manual modes.  If you have a friend that can help you by moving the objects you want to film then choose auto and then select the time interval ( 1-20 sec )  that best suits you.  This way you can concentrate on holding the camera and not worry about moving each piece.  Choose manual if you need to both shoot and move your pieces.  Like this you don’t have to rush and risk ruining the shot.  Save the video to the camera roll in order to open it with other apps.

Once your done filming, you want to open the app called Silent Film Director, also only $.99 from the App Store.  You will first choose the effect you want on the film, ranging from no effect to 20’s movies and vintage styles.  Because you can add effects on this app I use the original mode on the Stop Motion Recorder. You can now import background music or use the music that is included in the app.  Now you can add your film from the camera roll and then enhance it by adding title cards, pictures and transitions.

What I like to do is film multiple scenes with the Stop Motion Recorder app.  This way I can load one scene at a time and put in title cards and transitions in between scenes with ease.  Filming multiple scenes will also help when you edit your film.  This helps if you want to re-shoot a scene that did not come out the way you wanted.  Shooting long scenes all at once will  increase the chances that you will have a mistake and thus have to re-shoot a longer scene.  With a long scene you wont be able to add things like title cards at important times in the film that help the story along.

So far I have made three films and was able to send them to my YouTube account directly from the apps.  My three films are titled “The Lemon is Pregnant”“Pirates of the Kitchen Table and “The Lemon Fight.” I had a blast making the three films and using the iPhone and these two apps made it easy.  With each film I have learned a few tips and tricks that I now want to add to future films.  I’ve learned a lot from the people over at and  Feel free to check out my films and contact me if you have any questions.  I would love to see what you come up with.

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