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By Brian Sousa
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Jun 9th, 2011

So you have yourself a brand new state of the art website that took you countless hours getting it just right. You then started writing articles and the site filled up with well written articles that people would love to read.  You take a look look at your site stats and… nothing.  All that hard work for what?  Well to get your people to your site takes a lot of work.  You heard of pounding pavement?  Try pounding the keyboard keys.  Here is one of the first things you want to do.  Facebook.


Without a doubt the easiest way to get people to your site is with Facebook.  You probably have hundreds of friends on your Facebook and maybe some of them aren’t really friends but nevertheless, whatever you post on your Facebook your friends and acquaintances will see it.  Instead of just posting something like “boy i sure ate a lot and now I feel fat”, you can now put a link to one of your articles and give it a catchy headline.  Two things will happen when you do this.

1.  People will read the articles you post onto your Facebook giving you more hits but be sure not to overwhelm your friends with a horde of articles per day.  You don’t want people to delete you as their friend.  Something that I do when I write an article is post it to Facebook in the morning and then once again at night.  Not everyone checks their Facebook ever half hour so like this you can maximize your exposure to those that check their Facebook during the day at work and those who like to check their Facebook while on the couch at night.

2.  The people on your Facebook will see the article you posted and will be impressed that not only have you written an article but that you have a website of your own.  This will lead them to your site where they will find more articles written by you or other writers on your site leading to even more hits.

Facebook Fan Page

If you see yourself adding multiple articles to your Facebook in a short period of time and want to separate your personal Facebook page from your website then you should create a Facebook fan page.  At the very bottom of your Facebook page, you will see a link that says “Create A Page.” Make it the same name as your website.  You can ask all of your friends to “like” the new fan page where you will post articles and other messages that are strictly concerns your site.  You can still post articles to your personal Facebook but only post what you feel would be interesting to the majority of your Facebook friends.  Don’t forget to promote your fan page on your personal Facebook as well.

Take your time

Getting people to go to your site is hard.  If it was easy everyone would do it.  This is also the same reason why advertisers will pay you to place an ad on your site.  If you can get people to your site and have them come to your site regularly then that’s a value to an advertiser.  Remember to write articles on topics that you enjoy.  Readers can tell if your into what you’re writing about and this way you keep them interested in the story.  And last but not least, keep writing.  Don’t get frustrated if you don’t see a big pop in website hits.  You need to stay consistent and with time more people will read what you write.  “If you build it, they will come.”


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  1. Brandon Hann says:

    Listening to you talk makes me feel like Yoda. JK. You’re absolutely right about all of this. There was a time when I thought we were all too connected; like we had too many social sites going on. So much so that people would get confused and lost. However, I’m learning it’s not really about how many social pages or Twitter accounts you have…it’s about how many people you can connect with. Not everybody uses Twitter and not everybody uses Facebook. Or maybe one week, someone doesn’t get on their Facebook, but they happened to catch your post on Twitter. I guess it’s about maximizing your outlets.

  2. thanks for the advise, you’re so right. I thought that if I post it once on facebook would be enough and now I’m learning that I need to post more often. I will also follow your advise on creating a fan page… thanks!

  3. Samuel says:

    Using a blog with the the proper tools is for sure the best way to keep content fresh on your weblog

  4. Great tips! I’m currently looking for ways to promote this small business on Facebook and your tips have come in very handy!

  5. Jeriea Smith says:

    This article is very much good, it helped me very much,
    But i am not able to design my facebook page’s welcome tab in pagemodo, i dont know how to create or choose designs in pagemodo, please help?
    My website : Showing navigation bar without arranged as sub-pages, istead of that it shows correctly on other pages, except home page, please help on this also?

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