Prince Fielder Once Again Showed Why He Is A Disgrace To Baseball

By Brian Sousa
In Brian Sousa
Mar 8th, 2011

Prince Fielder once again showed why he is a disgrace to baseball. During the Dodgers spring training game against Fielder’s Milwaukee Brewers, the benches cleared at the end of the sixth inning.

Dodger pitcher Roman Colon struck out Brewer Casey McGehee with the bases loaded and celebrated with a small fist pump which caught the eye of McGehee. The two had some words that and would have been the end of the story until Fielder felt the need to rush out of the dugout and where he had to be restrained by teammates.

There was no need for Fielders outburst. Colon and McGhee, the two players involved, calmly talked about what happened after the game and even ended their conversation with an understanding and a handshake.

McGhee explained what was said during an interview after the game.

“Sometimes, people get excited. I got excited. He got excited. Prince got excited. No big deal.”

“We talked about it afterwards. I told him where I was coming from. He told me where he was coming from. We shook hands. I told him I appreciated what he said. There’s a lot more important things to get (mad at) than a spring training game. He’s not going to lose any sleep over it and I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.”

Fielder has a long history of outbursts and many of them involved the Dodgers. During a in 2007 Fielder got into a confrontation with then Dodger first-base coach Mariano Duncan. Then again in 2009 Fielder had to be held back by teammates while Dodgers security staff prevented Fielder from entering the Dodgers clubhouse after a game.

It seems rather odd that Fielder would get angry over a small celebration.   After hitting a game winning home run he called his teammates over to home plate while still rounding the bases.

It looks as if the unwritten rules that apply to all major league players does not apply to Fielder. He is in the last year of his current contract and it might be tough for teams to pick him up for fear that he would ruin clubhouse chemistry. Wherever he ends up, I hope the team that signs him requires him to take anger management classes.

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7 Responses to “Prince Fielder Once Again Showed Why He Is A Disgrace To Baseball”

  1. Chris says:

    You’re an idiot. Prince’s teammates love him and his competitiveness. He is the furthest thing from a problem in the locker room. Baseball is an emotionless sport and Prince is just not that kind of guy.

    • Brian Sousa says:

      If your view of a competitive player is Prince Fielder then I question why you’re calling me an idiot. If he’s the only player on the team that constantly needs to be restrained by not only his teammates but also by security then yes he is a problem. A very big problem. You’re right, baseball is emotionless which makes him stand out. So why when another player shows any kind of the same emotion that he too displays he flips out? Anyway, thanks for reading and the comment and you’re more then welcome to write an article on my site calling me out or about anything else.
      Brian Sousa

  2. Rick Q. says:

    Prince Fielder is a tubby coward. In 2009 when 6’6″ Guillermo Mota plunked him he frowned at Joe Torre and did nothing. After the game he fought with ushers and a door but not the person he was pretending he wanted to fight. In the March 8th game against The Dodgers, he runs out of the dugout and right into the umpire so he can be held back and twist and turn and pretend like he wants to fight. Princess Fielder is a fat spoiled coward who likes to pretend like he is fierce.

  3. Colynn B says:

    Prince is not a discrase he is a good player. He might just get a little excited over some things. People do that. Big deal..

    • Brian Sousa says:

      You’re right, he is a good player but that’s it. Yes people do get a little excited but the difference between them and Fielder is that they k ow how to control it.

  4. Trevor Headley says:

    I do realize that this was from a long time ago, but the video where fielder calls out his teammates, is from a game where he hit a walk off home run. All players do that and it’s tradition to celebrate that way. So learn your facts before dissing on players.

    • Brian Sousa says:

      You’re right. I watch choreographed walk off home runs all the time. I remember the Yankees doing this 50 years ago and the team doing the charleston choo choo at home plate.

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