Cliff Lee Signs With The Philadelphia Phillies

By Brian Sousa
In Sports
Dec 14th, 2010

The Philadelphia Phillies kicked the Yankees and the Rangers out of the signing room to leave them one on one with star pitcher Cliff Lee.  Lee signed with the Phillies for a reported contract worth $120 million over five years with a vesting option for a sixth.  This is not the first go-around for Lee in a Phillies uniform.  He pitched for them in the latter part of the 2009 season and as we can see now his short time in Philadelphia left a big impression with Lee.

Lee will now be a part of what could be the best starting pitching staff in baseball history.  He joins Roy Halladay who just pitched the second no-hitter in the playoff history this past post season.  Roy Oswalt who despite his 13-13 record last season was lights out when he was traded to the Phillies late in the season.  Cole Hamels is the fourth starter and he’ll be trying to get his sixth season in a row with ten wins or more.  The fifth starter is likely to be the 48 year old Jamie Moyer but despite his age he can still give the Phillies ten wins.

What’s more interesting is despite the Yankees offering more money for Lee’s services Lee turned them down.  One would have to believe that the way Lee’s wife was treated by the New York fans during the playoffs last season had a lot of influence on his decision not to sign with the Yankees.

Cliff Lee will now be able to stay with one team for longer than half a season which hasn’t been the case for Lee over the past few years.  As dominant as Lee was the past few seasons he can now pitch without having to deal with the pressure of what uniform he would put on next.  No matter what team you root for, as a baseball fan, we will all be watching what could be the best starting rotation in baseball history.

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